We have set up a series of workshops and events for the communities around us. It’s important to us to connect with others who have similar motivations, and to create value for those we spend time with. We have a right mix below so have a look and see if there’s anything relevant for you.



We live in a busy world where businesses everywhere are vying for a piece of everyone’s attention. The average person sees around 30 pieces of brand communication a day through the physical and digital worlds around us, without even realising. More if you live in a city. 

Not many of them actually leave a mark though. So our workshops are designed to help your brand genuinely connect with your audience through purpose and creativity. Letting you focus on making the world a better place.

Authenticity, Branding and Purpose Driven Business

Half day workshop | For business leaders and key decision makers. 

In this workshop we’ll work with you to define the ways you can introduce more authenticity into the way your brand communicates. One of the most significant ways you can personally build trust and strong relationships with others is through authenticity, and the same goes for our businesses. But what does it mean to show up authentically as an organisation? We take a look at what authenticity is and why it is important. Working through what it means and define how that translates for your brand.

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How to really connect with your audiences

Half day workshop | For everyone in your organisation. 

In this workshop we’ll take you on a journey that results in actionable steps toward connecting with your audience. We’ll look at examples of branding and advertising that have really connected with their audiences. Break down the lessons learned, insights and understandings. Lastly we’ll look at gaining a deeper understanding of your brand, your audience, and any precipitating needs and goals. To collectively generate ideas for your business to move forward with.

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We all sit on a spectrum of introversion and extroversion, but a third of people identify as introverts, with many more feeling somewhere in the middle. Regardless of where you fall, we all have times where we need some alone time to recharge. Kireli is founded by a proud introvert who understands what it is like when you can’t get a word in edgeways, or to be overlooked for being quieter. So, we set up Quiet Strength for creative individuals who need support, and for creative businesses who want to support and empower their teams.

Read more at the Quiet Strength website.


Small Meet-Ups

6-9pm Every second Tuesday of the month. 

Sign up to join us for our Quiet Strength meet-ups for introverts in the creative industry. In an informal setting, purposefully limited to a small group, we’ll work on recognising the strengths we have to bring to the table in our careers. Part workshop, part chat. Genuinely connect with others one on one to grow our networks. And take time to explore issues you are facing in a safe and supportive environment.

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For Businesses: Supporting Introverts at Work

30 min lunch & learn or 1 hour workshop 

We explore with you the best way to support and make the most of the wonderful people in your organisation who might be on the quieter side. Learn what it means to be an introvert and what strengths and skills they can bring to the table. Understand the challenges faced by introverts, what you should be looking to achieve in your workplace and take away practical tips to move forward and get the best out of everyone in your team.

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