V&A Colouring Books

The Problem:

Thames & Hudson were looking for illustration support on their colouring book series for the V&A.

The Solution:

We created 80 illustrations to go across two books. ‘The Age of Glamour, an Art Deco Colouring Book’ and ‘The Art of Wallpaper. Colour. Draw. Create’

The Response:

These colouring books are educational tools for creativity, that are also a proven way to reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

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Thames & Hudson approached us about creating illustrations for their colouring book series with the V&A. 

The first – The Age of Glamour, featured images from Art Deco movement to be replicated into line art drawings. The second – The Art of Wallpaper, was more of a creativity booklet – with colouring pages, exploration pages, complete the pattern pages and create your own pattern pages. We created the imagery based on supplied artwork from the V&A for the colouring pages, and designed several grids for the create your own pattern pages. 

All the illustrations across two projects took about 2 months to complete in total, with each drawing averaging around 6hrs to finish due to the complexity of the line art. 

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We were proud to be part of this project as both Thames & Hudson and the V&A are incredible, renowned names for the places they hold in the world. We were also very proud to be a part of creating books that are educational and tools for creativity, but they’re also great for mental health, as colouring is a proven way to reduce anxiety and relieve stress – these books provide a beautiful framework to colour in. 

They are available to buy here.


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Thames & Hudson:
Avni Patel, Sophie Neve
Avni Patel
Emilia Buggins

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