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The Problem:

Healthcare is massively reactive, and people don’t generally engage with preventative approaches. 

The Solution:

Create a human centered approach with Sagitta Med to encourage people to engage more with preventative healthcare.

The Response:

Focusing on social media, Sagitta experienced slow but organic growth with 2-6x higher engagement rates than standard benchmarks across platforms. People really engaged with the campaigns – job done.


custom product packaging design

One issue with modern healthcare is that it’s very reactive and people in general don’t often think about how to not get sick in the first place. Having this as a priority would help both the health industry AND people as a whole. 

The health sector has massively grown with the advent of blogs and social media, the majority of this focus being on food and fitness. Real medical information isn’t massively prevalent or trendy. Sagitta were looking to change this. 

Through working with Sagitta, the main issues we have faced are lack of interest, or lack of money to invest in self care, and also that the pure flurry of overwhelming information out there is exhausting to wade through. 

We worked with Sagitta to design the packaging for products that help boost your immune system, provide you protection against ailments or aid you in your personal hygiene.


product packaging graphic design

importance of product packaging design

design packaging for my product

product package design london


We’ve also been in charge of creating engaging content that delivers information in simple yet effective ways. We published regular tips and blog posts (and the occasional video) around commonly searched for health questions, offering information in bite size pieces. And we’ve worked to create social media campaigns and content around specific, yet relevant topics to modern daily health issues. 

The organic engagement rates on these pieces of content have ranged from 5-35% so while Sagitta have a small audience they’re far more engaged than the average audience. 

Through the work we’ve done with Sagitta we have helped carve out their niche as being the hub of information and products for preventative healthcare in Germany. 

Visit Sagitta here. 



Creative lead:
Emilia Buggins
Sagitta Med lead:
Sabine Fasching
Blog Writing:
Emilia Buggins, Sabine Fasching, Aleksandra Stanglewicz
Packaging Design:
Sabine Fasching, Emilia Buggins, Emily Forgot
Social Media Campaign Strategy & Ideas:
Emilia Buggins
Social Media Content Creation:
Aleksandra Stanglewicz & Emilia Buggins
Video Editing & GIF Creation:
Emilia Buggins
Medicinal Plants Illustration:
Aleksandra Stanglewicz
Web Development:
Underwater Pistol

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