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The Problem:

Fitness can be a sort-of scary thing to approach for anybody looking to dip their toes into looking after their health. 3D Burn aims to become one of the primary options for physical fitness training in South East London.

The Solution:

We worked with 3D Burn to build a brand image with a tone of voice and look & feel that elevates the ideas of support, friendliness, community, professionalism and strength.

The Response:

Since we helped revamp the website, Grace has grown the business from one regular course, to two regular courses, an online course, and new drop in classes.

The Project in detail

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We were approached to do a brand building and design exercise for 3D Burn, a fitness business in South East London. Grace, the founder, wanted a revamp of their website, stationery, brand imagery and marketing material. And she wanted to achieve this within one month before the New Year. 

We started by exploring Grace’s hope and goals for the business in order to expand what she’s offering, and worked out a strategic approach to achieving those goals and ensuring that the brand was communicating in line with the values 3D Burn have as a company. 

We explored the look and feel. Did a shoot which involved both video and photography. Retouched and edited the selection or images and footage we had and illustrated over them. 

As we had spent time to define the look and feel and strategic approaches, the design of the website, emails and marketing posters and flyers happened relatively quickly. 


When it came to the website, the original website was very basic and Grace had other elements she wanted to prioritise on the site, so we worked up the website flow to streamline and focus the website content – ensuring to stay in line with the strategy we had worked up. We designed straight into Squarespace as we had very little time to reach the deadline, and adapted the content and layout according to the feedback we received in the process. 

Whilst we were exploring the goals with Grace we also quickly identified how valuable email marketing is for the business, so it was vital for us to redesign the email marketing in line with the strategy and new defined look and feel to ensure the whole package fitted together seamlessly. 

To ensure that current and potential clients also feel looked after and valued we also worked up some exercise mat designs as well as exercise bands which can be used in class and could also act as a very useful business card for anyone looking to get into fitness. 


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Creative lead, art direction, photography, videography, design, illustration: Emilia Buggins

Website Built on Squarespace using Heights theme.

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