Say it with a Cineworld giftcard

The Problem:

Giftcards can feel like an impersonal gift. It suggests you haven’t really put any time or effort into finding the perfect present for your loved one. We were challenged to make Cineworld Giftcards feel personal and a gift worthy of any occasion.

The Solution:

We personalised the gift cards by put the reasons you like someone front and centre, and transformed Cineworld Giftcards into personal compliment cards. Using fun and quirky movie references, people weren’t just giving loved ones a giftcard – they were giving them a fantastic feeling.

The Response:

Not only do these gift cards provide Cineworld with a clear idea that can be adapted for years to come, they actually provide a small moment of joy, and feeling between the giver and receiver.


custom logo gift cards

This project was awarded a Gold Hermes Award in 2018


Cineworld approached us to renew their gifting suite. The previous designs had aged and weren’t really appropriate for the brand anymore. We quickly identified a key issue with gift cards as a whole – they seem thoughtless. When you give a gift to someone you want it to be meaningful – so our challenge quickly became about how we could inject some meaning and thought into these giftcards. 

Cineworld’s tagline is ‘Feel more with Cineworld’, and we soon landed on an idea, ‘say it with a Cineworld gift card’, that would lead to boosting people’s relationships and people actually feeling more. We kept it simple – use the cards to playfully link or compare the receiver to someone from film – keeping in mind the movies that would be coming out in the future that would be sustainable over time, or linked to classic well loved films from the past. 

We were initially briefed to concept 6 cards in total, but Cineworld loved the idea so much they extended the idea across 10 cards – almost doubling our workload on copy. 

We also had to create the assets surrounding the custom giftcards – this included stands, wallets, and giftboxes, to ensure the entire experience felt considered. As the work developed we were also briefed on creating new Christmas gift boxes, and creating the new Unlimited Card box to be launched Christmas 2018. Once the project completed, Cineworld were left with a timeless and adaptable idea that can continue to be used and built on for years to come. 

The refreshed designs have boosted gift card sales across both the standard ranges and Unlimited card across all times of year. The work was recognised and awarded a Gold Hermes Award for creativity. 

You can purchase your favourite giftcard here

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‘Kireli are a team of superstar creatives who have produced extraordinary work for me.

They’re my secret weapon; reliable and versatile. Their concepts are thoughtfully developed, superbly executed and expertly presented, with a well-articulated rationale.

I am so proud of the work that we’ve done together over the years and I look forward to our next collaboration.’

Casey Cohen
Head of Marketing at Cineworld

custom logo gift cards


Project lead:
Emilia Buggins
Casey Cohen
Creative concept:
Emilia Buggins & Olly Cooper
Olly Cooper & Aoife McCleary
Emilia Buggins
Emilia Buggins & Hussain Ali
Aleksandra Stanglewicz & Alice Lengereau 

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