Fearless Types

The Problem:

Sexist stereotyping is still a big issue holding women back at work.

The Solution:

Statement tees to transform stereotypes and celebrate the Fearless Types, released to raise money to help empower creative women and non-binary people with Badass.Gal.

The Response:

Since launching we’ve sold the t-shirt internationally and funded events that help champion women and non-binary people in their careers with Badass.Gal.

The project in detail

Olly and Em started this project after noticing there was still a lot of sexist stereotyping going on in the creative industry (although it’s not just our industry for sure). Friends have been passed over for promotions for being too angry or too emotional. Women are graduating, entering the workforce at higher rates than men, and then the drop off is huge when it gets past junior level. Maybe that’s due to lack of support, lack of flexibility within the system, stereotyping, boys club attitudes, lack of role models at the top… Whatever the reasons are, there’s something blocking progress. 

Now more than ever there are women and non-binary people all over the creative industry tackling gender stereotypes. There are fantastic support networks in London for creative women – Badass.Gal, Ladies Wine and Design, She Says and Creative Equals to name a few. And women and men across Instagram and Twitter who are fearlessly calling out behavior and decisions by companies and people that aren’t living up to equality expectations. 

We wanted to champion the people pushing these boundaries, and encourage our generation and future generations to keep moving forward, breaking the barriers that women already face. We approached Badass.Gal, suggested collaborating on this project, and so Fearless Types was born: Statement tees with bold copy that challenged stereotypes, designed by incredible women in the creative industry, to celebrate these unstoppable people already making waves, to raise money for’s impact to go further. 

Our main challenge for this project was that it was self initiated, done in our spare time with no budget. So we had to find workarounds. We worked with others willing to volunteer their time, kind hearted people who wanted to make an impact with us. We also had to creatively pull our weight across a lot of disciplines: copywriting, art direction, creative direction, branding, web design and web build, logistics and operations, project management, art working, production, photography, steam ironing, testing, social media, PR – you name it, we had a go. 

After launching in Dec 2018 ready for Christmas, we sold over £1000 worth of tees in the first month, meaning we raised a great amount of money for Badass.Gal to go further. We’d done everything from scratch, with no budget and created a real thing that exists to do good. The money we raised has gone toward Badass.Gal hosting workshops and holding an exhibition on International Women’s Day to celebrate all the gal’s they’d featured.

Keep an eye out for more fearless types appearing in the future, keep an eye on to see how you can continue to support this awesome cause. 

‘We have entered the new era. Now more than ever fearless, empowered women are pushing the boundaries of the creative industry and achieving the once impossible; rewriting the gender stereotypes.

Designed by the Badass Gal community, this fashion collection – called Fearless Types – celebrates the new era for women and calls out to the next generation to be bolder, more fearless and ready to leave an even bigger mark. Together, we can rewrite the stereotypes forever.’


‘Emilia is one of the only people I truly trust in this industry.
She delivers, every time.’

Olly Cooper, Senior Creative Copywriter


Creative leads: 
Olly Cooper & Emilia Buggins
Charlotte Hugh & Danny Pallett
T-Shirt Designers: 
Meagan Bach, Jennifer Hayashi, Aleksandra Stanglewicz, Emilia Buggins, Olivia Bourtrou, Jessica Richer, Antonia Bonello, Gloria Bertazzoni, Eugenia Matinez Barbazza, Maria Elges, Ellie Fryer, Tammy Johal, Tory Mabey, Halley Anne Kennedy and Katherine Tromans.
Branding, Art Direction, Photography & Retouching: 
Emilia Buggins
Olly Cooper
Photo Studio:
Mum & Dad Studios
Web Sponsors:
Grace Upshall, Beth Willetts, Emma Saddleton, Juliette Hettemma, Gabriella Natasha, Catherine Okada, Shirann Rose, Emilia Buggins
Web Development: 
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