Logo Design

Want to create a logo for your business? Thinking of that perfect logo for your company let alone creating a logo design is not an easy task.  There’s alot more work and patience involved than you would think!   Here are our top logo design tips that we learned from the last ten years.

Take a moment to watch the video but the main points are below.

1 – Define your brand name and values.
2 – Figure out what your brand personality is.
3 – Think outside of the box (after researching).
4 – Start designing in black & white.
5 – Start testing your word mark in basic font styles.
6 – Make sure to think about different logo orientations.
7 – Kern your letters upside down.
8 – Keep playing.
9 – Keep it simple.
10 – Consider the psychology, culture and stereotype references of your colour choices.






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