Launching Quiet Strength

Recognising the strength of introverts in the creative industry.

Introverts make up at least 30% of the creative industry, but the value they offer isn’t always seen, which is why Em & Juliette have launched Quiet Strength.

Our mission is to create a difference for introverts in the creative industry through meet-ups, workshops and by building a community for those of us who are on the quieter side of the spectrum.

Having hosted Quiet Power with SheSays London in January, and having a successful first virtual meet this last month (despite lockdown), we have chosen to make Quiet Strength it’s own thing with its own little space on the internet.

We will be hosting small group monthly meet-ups for individuals, every second Tuesday of the month. And we will also be offering workshops to businesses and organisations in an effort to make sure that introverts are recognised at work.

Check out the new website at
Sign up for the second meet-up over at Eventbrite.
Join the Facebook Group.
And follow along on LinkedIn.

networking events for introverts

networking made easy for the introvert

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