UPDATED: Black Lives Matter

2020 has been hard for many people – especially going into June, we want to help. This month we are offering pro-bono work to support BLM.

With everything going on in the US, to take action and mark our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement we would like to offer 4 days of pro-bono design,  creative or social media work to a charity or organisation who are focussed on supporting the Black community.

We donated 5% of the money we made in June to Stop Hate UK.

If we all want change, we all have to be active participants in making that happen through our own actions. The point of this business has always been to work with those who want to make the world a better place.

With full transparency Kireli is not a big agency with tonnes of money, it’s mostly just me (Em) unless I need to bring in collaborators on projects. And with the recent impacts of COVID on the creative industry I’ve been fortunate to make money but it’s honestly only been enough to just get by myself. So the extent of time and real impact we can donate is small, but we want to do something.

These very real issues impact real people, including my family and friends. I think it’s important to use the skills and resources I have available here to support action and progress where I can. 

If you are (or know) someone who is part of a charity or organisation who are focussed on supporting the Black community, whether in the UK or even the USA, and who would benefit from this work, then please just get in touch via our contact page, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are a for profit business who is in need of creative work, and would like to work with us while supporting this cause, then also please reach out. While it may be just me running Kireli, I have the capacity to bring in other creatives on projects while being a more affordable option than big agencies. 

Let’s work together and really create a world of good.

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